With this unusual tricks your eyelashes grow faster

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1. The right care

It sounds so trite and yet it is the alpha and omega for long eyelashes: proper care. Because by thick mascara layers and the evening make-up removing the lashes are heavily loaded. As a result, the cancel the little hairs faster than we can react. Normally eyelashes can be up to twelve millimeters long. But in rare cases, they actually reach that length. Guilt is often the beauty routine. Therefore: always be very careful when removing makeup and not rub hard on the eyes. It is better to emphasize with a cotton pad gently in one direction. After that highlight some Vaseline, olive oil or eye serum on the eyelashes. This makes them soft, stretchy and protects them from breaking off.

2. eyelids massage work wonders

What we know from our head of hair on the head for a long time, also works for the eyelashes: We're talking about a massage. So are regular massages stimulate blood flow to the scalp and thus guarantee a better nutrient supply to the hair follicles. The same also applies to the eyelashes. So if you want to cheat a few millimeters to should be gentle (very carefully and with shortened fingernails!) massage the base of the eyelashes. Who is repeated regularly, will detect changes in a few weeks. The hair should thus not only faster but also more vigorous regrowth. To further support the beneficial effects, one can foresee a few drops of oil on the fingertips.

3. Olive oil for more length

Olive oil on the lashes? What sounds like a greasy film, one fly eyelashes and eyelids glued, is actually a real find for long lashes. Add a few drops of it on an eyelash and every evening on the hair before going to bed. Should the next morning, a thin film of grease to be present, it can be swabbed with a cotton pad and some cleaning fluid. After about six weeks, the first results are visible. By the way: Daily use "colors" the oil the hair and even darker. An extra plus.

4. Green tea for more lashes

Many times we have reported on the many health-promoting ingredients of green tea. Also in the beauty, the hot beverage plays an essential role. Especially useful it is for all who want denser and stronger lashes. Because by the contained flavonoids and tannins hair growth is strongly encouraged. To set up a green tea, infuse this at least 15 minutes and wait until it cools down. The liquid with a cotton pad to record, so that stroke the lashes and rinse with cold water. Repeat this process for several months, until the desired effect has occurred.

5. Serum wow lashes

They are probably the discovery of the century for all fans of full, long, sweeping eyelashes: Wimpernseren. The different products have suddenly appeared, especially in the last two years on the market and promise some success up to three extra millimeters. That it is much truth, we were able to confirm in several editorial tests. Whoever therefore wants to be sure to get much longer and thicker lashes should resort to a serum. The best results you can see by the way after about six weeks.

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