Anal: Make or leave?

Sex through the back door? This is for many women no sparkling idea - and yet many are fascinated by it. On the subject of anal sex, some myths so, and many of us are confused by questions such as: Does not hurt that? then glued feces on the penis? What about hygiene? to get there at all to orgasm? We open the debate with two arguments. 

Anal sex? To let!

"Oops, I'm probably slipped" is an often-heard excuse for painful penetration south of this unforeseen situation. May well be that the lure of the forbidden awakens a desire for anal. That women who do it are bold and daring. That after good preparation not crack or bleed. But: Dirty is not the same quality and stretching exercises belong to the gym. Why torture yourself as close to the Abseitigen where the good is. My butt is sacred to me, the fun zone is located further forward.

Anal sex? Do!

Ever flat out wrong way down a one way street in? Located just terribly frightened and yet enjoyed the thrill of the forbidden a little bit? Something like that is anal sex. In the head only once bah, perhaps painful, in any case, just for porn actresses. And then actually quite exciting in practice, with good preparation absolutely painless and particularly intimate. And why would you just ignore an erogenous zone and with contempt? Discover the possibilities of anal sex! Gay million can not be wrong.

You want to try it?

According to a survey the magazine "neon" Have done 57 percent of women anal it. With our five golden rules can nothing go wrong - and who knows, maybe you will after your "first time" be totally surprised how good anal sex can actually be - and become true lovers of "alternative" Sexual intercourse.

The five golden rules for anal sex

  • TALKS ABOUT IT! Before you dare the experiment anal sex, you should talk to your partner. So just go once spontaneously by the back, is not a good idea - especially if you have not had much experience with anal sex. Above all, it is not that He sometimes just unasked replaced the front door! Speak in advance, for example, about your expectations and what it does not go for you.
  • PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING: Unlike vaginal anal sex requires a little planning. First, you should take a long shower to make you feel even properly clean. Then a toilet is almost mandatory - otherwise it can be very unpleasant for you. Some prefer a colonic irrigation to the rectum properly "fancy" to do - but that is of course not a must. Normally, the rectum is quite clean when it is empty and you need not worry that sticks after sex feces on his penis. Those who still have inhibitions, reaches for a condom (Which you should do anyway ALWAYS in doubt, because even by anal diseases can be transmitted!) Have definitely also lubricants are on the bedside table - after all, the anus does not produce the body's own lubricant. Good idea: To relax, you can also take a previously shared bathroom, for example, with soothing music and essential oils.
  • ALWAYS SLOW! just rush things now. The lubricant is ready? Then it's only once about to stretch the anus. And gently. For this, does your partner take the fingers, tongue, as well as sex toys. Especially circular motions around the anus provide excitement. The penetration should be slow - best you choose a position where you can control the depth of themselves, such as the cowgirl position. Imagine scans slowly, as far as it feels good for you.
  • ON THE EIGHTH HYGIENE: An absolute no-go: First, to stimulate the anus with the penis and then move into the vagina. Because that intestinal bacteria can get into the vagina - and lead to infections. But what is very exciting: If your partner only stimulates the clitoris with his hand and is dedicated to the anus later. Increases Orgasm probability (yes, you can also come during anal sex!)
  • GIVE FEEDBACK: Po sex, orgasm, ready? Nope! Especially if you had sex through the back door for the first time, you should talk about what you liked and what you can do better next time. You will see: With practice anal intercourse is almost not an experiment but a real alternative for you.

By the way, even Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow gives tips for fun through the back door. On their website it provides the psychologist Dr. Paul Joannidis some interesting questions:

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