Sponge cake: So simple, so good!

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Sponge cake - the best recipe

My sponge is the easiest and best one out there. Because it takes only four classic cake Ingredients: Eggs, butter, sugar and flour. Voila! The only secret to the success is that all ingredients must have the same temperature - room temperature.

Sponge cake - that takes you

First, I take four eggs and weigh it, it should be 230 grams. 230 grams I need each from the other ingredients: Butter, sugar, flour. That's it. With a whisk to stir the softened butter with the sugar about three to four minutes. After that open an egg and mix all until the mixture is bound. Then just deal with the other eggs gradually. I like to give you one good pinch of salt, the dough is spicy.

The butter mass is now nice and smooth, so I can lift the sifted flour including: using a wooden spoon, beautifully tender and with feeling. If you dare not quite the dough for the first time, you can simply add half a teaspoon of baking powder to the flour. But really not, because the taste is much better without the beloved auxiliary remedies!

bake sponge cakes properly

Then, a rectangular cake or cake form is readily churned and designed with a long and narrow and a shorter wide baking paper strips. So the cake is in the oven and looks almost professional. But hopefully only almost, because the absolute charm is that you can see: It is baked with love itself.

So now give the dough into the mold and sprinkle with a few flaked almonds. The shape with both hands horizontally encounter beautiful on the lined with a cloth table so that the dough perfectly distributed. I let him rest for half an hour and then move it at 180 degrees in the oven. Now the cake has baked good 45 minutes.

When the cake baked golden brown and split open up, I put it on a wire rack. After five minutes of rest time I pick it out with the paper and let it cool on a wire rack. Glorious as heavenly sweet smells the kitchen now!

Sponge Cake - A video cooking school

Batter is made quickly and easily and can be varied great - for cakes, pies, biscuits. Rike Dittloff shows step by step video on how to succeed in batter.

Sponge cake: The most delicious variations

The sponge can be complemented with other ingredients easily - it taste even better!

  • Sponge cake with rum flavoringThe butter mass is flavored with 40 milliliters of rum.
  • Sponge cake with fruit: The flour is added finely chopped 150 grams of currants and 60 grams of orange peel.
  • soaked cake: The hot cake is soaked with a rum syrup mixture and is thereby much juicier.
  • Sponge cake with icing: Mix 100 grams of sugar with a tablespoon of rum and a tablespoon of orange juice and smooth with a brush.
  • Sponge cake with chocolate flavor: Give chocolate chips into the dough and then sprinkle the finished cake with chocolate icing.
  • marble cake: One-third of R├╝hrkuchenteiges is mixed with cocoa. Then, the dark and light dough is spoon dropwise into the cake pan and coarsely mixed with a fork, whereby the typical marbling formed.
  • Cake with citrus flavorWith candied fruit and the juice of one orange or lemon is's fine orange or lemon pie - juicy really does not get any!

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