Short hairstyles: Most cuts for short hair

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Short hair - a great idea for each type

Short hairstyles are not only practical, they look just great and are modern. Whether a short pageboy, Undercut, tousled Tolle durchgestuftem outer coat, mushroom or strictly geometric bangs - our short hairstyles prove how clever they can act. Because with the right short hair, the face is only something to contribute. A pixie cut emphasizes delicate features, an asymmetrically cut look emphasizes strong facial contours. It is important to pay attention to the face shape when choosing the short hair. With our test "What face shape I have?" you can find out what you is her.

Are you unsure if short hair suit you?

it is always important to clarify the type of question. Here self-assessment is required. I'm more of a rock type, I like it a little quieter, I'm impatient or trend-oriented? After that, often directed the choice of hairstyle, because she just has to fit the personality. The Bob in ear length with bangs perfectly matches a extroverted personality, the classic short bob rather classical types. And the job the hairstyle must also still somehow fit. The undercut is perhaps not for the classic reputable career that wild-styled mane needs creative freedom. 

Haircuts that make you happy

Life changes are often THE opportunity for a new beauty look - and the loss of a few centimeters in length. New cut, new life - time for a short hair! Relief on the head often brings a new freshness in everyday life with them. The Pixie against lovesickness, the stepped outer coat for job restart - it sounds trite, but a short haircut has assumed a greater psychological function than we do! Easy care short hair on top of that, of course - a huge plus for hair lengths between one and ten centimeters. 

By the way: Especially nice are short hairstyles for thinning hair. Because bobbed and Co. can some to cheat on mass, which would have been missing for a long hair.

Short hairstyles require courage because they change type

It does admittedly courage to part with a long mane of hair, but it's worth it. No wonder the most geschaute result in any "Germany's Next Topmodel"Relay team of the Umstylings. It proves every year how emotional the issue of hair is! Even in 2016 it was the winner of Kim, the hair was raspelkurz and frayed cut. And we show you regularly type great changes in our before and after stories.

Particularly modern look cropped hair, if you mitgibt them strong hair colors, for example with color accents in red and brown tones, but also a Platinum's pretty cool. A hue is all the rage this year: rose gold. Who bears his Strubbelschnitt at this tender Kupferblondton, one of the trendsetters.

By the way, you should not have to worry about what happens if you have no desire for short hair. There are in fact very great Transition hairstyles. Only one often has to invest a little time: Because with a transition length should blow-dry the hair properly with a round brush and bring a real styling. So the often hated intermediate length can be easily bridged.

How to style short hair?

Very important for short ladies hairstyles is the styling. Sometimes fashionable short hairstyles actually make more work than hairstyles for long hair. Because they act well styled better. Are used styling products and tools of any kind.

great for short, fine hair, need more structure, for example salt or sugar sprays, because they give the hair more stability. Stubborn, thick hair can be fine with hair wax or gel to get in shape.

Who has more oily hair, the products should be only in the hair ends and not the approach. If the hair is to be styled from the face, is recommended for better preservation of course the classic hairspray.

may all also be used to styling tools: flat iron and curling iron bring volume to the head and form the Great perfect. Ideal for short hair curling irons with small diameter conical rods or models with curling tongs. remember heat protection spray, otherwise the hot iron grip the hair on too much. The straighteners can bring the outer coat in perfect shape, the Pony is critical in many short haircuts for the look.

And who thought plaited would be just for long hair who finds here the most beautiful updos for short hair.

Short hair and curls - do they go together?

Not only straight hair can be short, curly look also with the right short haircut great. Stepped hairstyles bring the curls namely only really in shape. Always take into account when cutting: Through the contraction of curling the hair look natural shorter, especially if they are cut wet. Even experienced hairdressers sometimes miscalculate themselves. You know the intensity of your curls best to just before the hair cut point out again ...

Stars with short hair

And the stars dare again and again: Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Robin Wright and even Scarlett Johansson have already demonstrated courage for short hair - and get so damn good. Also on the red carpet! From long to short always brings an extreme makeover with it - especially if you also varies between side part and center part. We show, for example, in our photo gallery celebrities with short hair. The celebrities know: If the mane, looking up towards all. Even directors, because that often occupy the new short-haired with very different types of roles.

Our fashionable hairstyles 2017/2018 show: short hairstyles are absolute trends. The

Hairstyle Trends 2017/2018 are so changeable that we have new ideas again and again how we can style it. In our gallery above you'll find the most beautiful inspirations for short hair. Of course, short haircuts need a good amount of care. Here we show you five rich hair treatments to make your own that go very quickly. 

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