Cake: More than 100 delicious recipes

A Bundt cake, which stands out not only with a beautiful appearance, but also really good taste. And all this without the egg! To the recipe: orange bundt cake without eggs

A party without cake? Is a meeting! 

Cake recipes, there are different variations: whether chocolate cake or apple pie, cake or light cake, cheese cake or sheet cake, pie, we love them all! And a simple cake did not even last long: Fast cake recipes are prepared in just 15 minutes - most of the work done by the oven. And the best thing about baking a cake: You can also bake the cake the day before finished and serve it as stress-free to guests already.

Who wants to save calories, choose low-calorie cake recipes, vegans can also bake vegan - excuses, no cake to eat, we can not count! Finally, a cake fit for any occasion, whether birthday cake, cupcakes for the office or small cakes for afternoon coffee. And not for nothing it is said: A party without cake is a meeting (by the way a wisdom of the American celebrity chef Julia Child).

Delicious fruit cake for everyone

Fruit and cakes, this combination is always a good idea: How about lemon pie or plum cake? Or would you prefer rhubarb pie or plum cake? For those who do not like it so fruity Dear cheesecake or nut cake? Almond cake or chocolate cake? There are an infinite variety of delicious recipes! From simple cake recipes to sophisticated interpretations - we show you our best cake recipes.