Fatal: Unborn child enters hole in mom’s belly

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Warning, not for the faint of heart: A pregnant woman wakes up in southern China in the morning with severe abdominal pain. First believes in an upset stomach. But the pain is getting worse. bathed with pulse racing and into a cold sweat comes the woman at about 10 am at the hospital. Immediate placement of the doctors: Emergency surgery!

Foot stuck in the abdominal cavity

After an ultrasound image shows that the unborn child has been come so hard in the womb, the uterus of the woman is torn. The baby has formally kicked a hole in the uterine wall - and then gets to the legs in the abdominal cavity of the woman stuck!

Although the pregnant woman until the 35th week, so about a month before the birth, the doctors start an emergency caesarean section. Mom and baby at risk of dying, would probably have died from internal bleeding of the mother, as reported the Sun, citing the hospital without surgery.

Extremely rare complication

Reassurance to expectant mothers: Such complication is extremely rare. The woman concerned had been operated in the uterus during the past year. Apparently, the old scar had burst after the baby had kicked. This may occur when the muscle is still weak. After a hysterectomy surgery Women should wait at least a year before they become pregnant.

Mom and Newborn it should now be fine.