what fits to as side dish or around it?

Bread and salad

Today (closed for 2) ate - a little OK with weggedippt

1 red pepper
3 carrots
1/2 cucumber
a few tomatoes

(Each raw cut into small Stьcke).

Plus a lettuce rest.

Goes well with any other Gemьse - it's just an advantage if it is fixed. Even with many fruit (pears, grapes ...).

We usually eat bread to the Kдse makes us sufficiently full, but I kцnnte imagine that auЯer bread and potatoes (waxy) may wдren a nice side dish.

Or you kцnnte ьberlegen if one turns the whole into the raclette direction and inserted Gemьse to ranges (pickles, Maiskцlbchen, cucumbers ...).


I always buy so Frischkдsecremes from the market to the then comes on's baguette that is gestippt in Kдse.
To do this we eat salad.

For a few years this is our Holy. Evening family dinner.


Thank you. how much you have to expect per person?

Quote by Fanny AnnThank you. how much you have to expect per person?Дh - how much of what?
Anyway, I always buy ungefдhr so ​​much until a little bit more.
Has always served until now


from kдsґ

Quote by Fanny Annfrom kдsґOh soo!
Depends ... we eat threesome two Kдse. With baguette and salad and stuff.


Very tasty for Ofenkдse I find Дpfel and breadsticks.

Also with us the Ofenkдse is a Christmas Eve dinner. The oven heats already high, as long as we are in the church - and the rest then goes quickly.
Volume requirements: Each of my children eats since the pubertдren and postpubertдren feeding phase a whole Kдse - a groЯen! AnschlieЯend they share the rest of my.
To do this: baguettes, salad, cranberries. Time we had a rest Bьndner meat. That was also good.