Blonde Strдhnen – can I give it a Tцnung?

Hello Hello,
I have not tired of my comic blond Strдhnen, ruckzuck is the approach to see (in real I nдmlich StraЯenkцterfarbe with gray in it!). So now I have ьberlegt me, perhaps to have my StraЯenkцterfarbe anyway then but maintained (somehow, I hope, reinzukriegen with a Tцnung gloss, so that looks it might be nice). AuЯerdem I want to hide the gray hair, but something will probably make Tцnungen, right?
my main question now: Can I give a Tцnung my bleached Strдhnen - clear that there wьrden get through Strдhnen again, but just in the Tцnungsfarbe ...
Or is it purely chemically mцglich - not that I'm running around after striped in grьn-orange-yellow ...
Do you have experience with such things?
About answers from you I wьrde happy
(Oh yes, my hair is chin-length, so verunglьckte experiments are really to see ...)
Love GrьЯe
the plaster miracle

Hello putz wonderful,
as far as I weiЯ, work as only tцnungen that are even lighter than your strдhnen-color.
At the wьrdґich not do that. As a teenager habґich These kinds snacked and had a weeks spent tang grьn on the head and habґin this time the groЯteil my free time with hair wash
wьrdґich something today can only make it professional.


Hello putz wonderful,

I have exactly the same described by you "hair situation",
Had my hairdresser asked the same question some time ago before, and she said, first I should let fдrben hair from a barber in my natural color (straЯenkцter- or dark blond) (the hairdresser take good care and if necessary. Several times fдrben muЯ because it can be grьn). Only when the Fдrben went well and then after a few weeks shows a dirty gray renewable approach, I kцnne to home Tцnungen or -colorationen reach into my natural color or another dark color.

LG fabiola

Thank schцn closed for your answers!
Oh Fabiola - what you write is indeed aufwдndig ... but certainly a good way.
Yes, but is probably better to let make the whole by a professional, but I do not at the moment "Hairdresser of my confidence", Too bad ..., well, I'll ґmal ьberlegen and ьberlegen and ьberlegen.
A schцnen evening
love GrьЯe
the plaster miracle

I have made such a thing ever and it has become great.
The hairdresser has a slightly lighter tone taken as my natural hair color (something means Blonde) and it worked very well.
The hair had been before also gestrдhnt x times, and I was almost always in another hairdresser and accordingly any other chemistry has used closed for the Strдhnen.

How gray verhдlt in such a case, I can not say natьrlich.

putz wonderful, for God's sake to gestrдhntes so stressed hair a Komplettfдrbung and then a Tцnung is up probably the worst case scenario.

I took 6 months ago spontaneously a Tцung 6-8 weeks durable off the shelf, which roughly corresponded to my natural color. I have / had Strдhnchen.

It's hue to not my favorite result, but the Tцnung kept forever and three days, as I have always getцnt only the approach to.

If you, however, to the Ansatzfдrben get around mцchtest, Tцnung is just like Komplettfдrbung the worst choice. The hair is always gefдrbt compact and you see the approach with every millimeter.

Except you hдttest a relatively monochromatic natural color without a lot of white and wьrdest find a Tцnung, which is roughly equivalent to your natural color, only slightly more saturated or something brown, or, or.

Strдhnchen are tatsдchlich the best choice if you want to avoid crass approach differences with the rest.

If you are unsure, take a Tцnung that hдlt only 2 weeks.

Quote by Lukulla
If you are unsure, take a Tцnung that hдlt only 2 weeks. But no nature (as are the Strдhnen grьnlich) and no bluish red (the Strдhnen be pink) on "natьrlichsten" is probably more this unsдgliche on ashen hair, warm Menopausenrot. (Looks orange from).