order Pigmentstцrungen (upper lip, cheek right and left) that are midway because although has improved by bleaching cream and sun protection factor of 100, was recommended by my dermatologist a Fruchtsдurebehandlung. 4 Stьck. Cost per session 72,00 Ђ + this "post-treatment cream" about 60.00 Ђ. He assured me success and showed me his before / after shots frьherer patients. Which was full starkly real. With their Pigmentstцrungen I schдme equal to me that I'm doing the wave here. But the success was great. Irritates me that I have so often read that does not work. Why this contradiction ??

Suppose it takes regarding anything. My pigmentation. OK. But supposedly it helps to groЯe pores and generally improves the complexion ?? Can anyone give me bestдtigen? Or is that money simply thrown out only to the window? But then the confidence to my doctor hinьber, which is actually known and well.

Look forward informed about answers.


Fruchtsдure scrub with at least 20% Fruchtsдure bring an enormous amount of what pore refinement and skin clarity terms. However, scars and acne scars and deep just go with high Fruchtsдuren 50-60% and 12-24 treatments best start away to Feburary March in the Herbtmonaten.

Of pigment spots, I recommend a skin cream with the ingredient: Kojic dipalmitates (Mushroom Extract) that is not a chemical but a natural extract to harm with a continuous use you brightens this Pigementflecken, age spots and ungleichmдssige Hautzeint without stripping the skin from a fungus. I have found a cream recently at, which has this ingredient, this is called Sheer Transformation and doing my skin very well.



in this cream, it is sufficient even if they are it makes only few isolated dark spots and also on the Hдnden?
LG Tinchen

I'll make my first Fruchtsдurebehandlung today. However, I can now report very good Erfahrunungen with the NeoStrata (10%) already. My spots are much much brighter. However, the Zauberwцrter treatment are: patience, consistency and permanent sun protection.

Still, I like to hдtte still Fruchtsдurebehandlungserfahrungsberichte 😉 Please.


here is my Fruchtsдurepeeling report:
I had about 2 weeks ago a Fruchtsдurepeeling informed about my upper lip (I have a Pigmentstцrung informed about the upper lip - looks like a facial hair) made getting.

So I have until now 2 Fruchtsдurepeelings behind me and the result:
The brown spots are now MUCH DARKER !!!

After the second peeling (35%) was my skin zunдchst red, then Blдschen formed and after 1 day even a brown crust! I had hoped that under the crust comes out a schцne normal skin - but now - after 2 weeks, I realized that the brown spots are still there and even darker !!!
So I let the moment times the fingers of the Fruchtsдurepeeling away - maybe I venture in the fall or winter again on it ... I do not weiЯ.

Now I have the cream "Pigmanorm" applied (without дrztlichen advice!) - now I'm back all red informed about the mouth and I can only hope that the areas to appear brighter
Since only wait for help

PS: The first Fruchtsдurepeeling was harmless to me. You hardly saw red spots. But the second peeling (35% Sдure) was very violent - but made nothing. On the contrary

I person you are seeking you much Glьck at your scrub !!
I wait for your reports.

little angel

Can only agree Angel:

Peeling also have 2 sessions behind me and that's been closed for the first s. Will trust me again in the fall.

I did peeling because of my acne skin (not so hot but annoying) and the beautician said that my Pigmentstцrung on the forehead (from the last pregnancy) would it gone too.

The skin IST become better ... but it was so incredibly heiЯ and although I've creamed me like There's Something I started lobster red after the last peeling and have almost beaten bubbles when I was stuck for nearly an hour in the blazing sun in a traffic jam in the car ,

The forehead is now a single Pigmentstцrung and no small point more! Comment the beautician: I told they are not in the sun.

"Do not go in the sun" sounds easier than it was in the past weeks.
...auЯerdem I now have some small spots on the face. Age spots? Even more Pigmentstцrungen? The sun on my face was really sensitive superschдdlich and informed about cancer risk I mцchte not talk!

Oh dear .... it gives me hope.
My first peeling (20%) yesterday was vцllig harmless. The skin peels, now a little bit. There was nothing red, nothing was burning. All very easy. but the beautician also meant that my skin looks very insensitive and it will probably ьberstehen the Fruchtsдurebehandlung good. She said she can not promise me that the spots go away 100%. But they can promise me all Fдlle that an improvement will occur as well as an improvement of the overall skin condition (pore etc.).
I also get a bleaching cream (closed for the heavily pigmented points) and a 10% Fruchtsдure (schдl) gel, both I muЯ morning and evening respectively. The total duration of treatment and another 4 weeks thereafter.

Well .... I guess the theme sun quite serious. I will steer clear of this summer, avoid, avoid. Have sun protection factor of 100 in the whole face. On the day of my last treatment (70% Fruchtsдure) I drive the same evening to Italy (informed about Pentecost). Since a Kдppi comes with sun protection factor of 100, a parasol .... and I sit ALWAYS (as already the week BEFORE Behanldung) with the Rьcken to the sun ...

I hope everything turns out alright.


Then I person you are seeking you something much Glьck in the scrub!
Now the weather is indeed worse again, but watch real hцllisch on otherwise the SchuЯ backfires .... or ьberleg you if you do not yet make the whole thing until the autumn.

Sometimes you CAN Regenerating simply not evade (jam in the car) ....
But the skin is really viiiiel better. After my two treatments, she is certainly top. Under the full program I hдtte determined peach skin

AuЯerdem you weiЯt hopefully daЯ you'll look pretty merkwьrdig with kalkweiЯen face ...
I have the case now, unfortunately, the other way: my face is cracking brown because it was so sensitive after peeling WITH SPF 50 .... the rest of the Kцrpers and only angebrдunt especially the neck. I hope I do not look like Rex Gildo

Quote by Princess FionaSometimes you CAN Regenerating simply not evade (jam in the car) ....I do not understand.

Honestly: I understand that the "Sun-not-shun-kцnnen" neither.

I weiЯ the yes and can make provisions. ALWAYS sun protection factor of 100 in Gepдck 🙂 And a Kдppi it ...

Anyway ... I've been even a little bit afraid.

And weiЯ look ?? I hope I will be brown again? Sometime. I smearing me a neck and Dekolte currently with sun protection factor of 20, so at least everything is weiЯ ....