Valentine’s Day: The most beautiful gifts and ideas for February 14 |

Valentine's Day - the day of lovers. Gifts, love, flowers, kisses - all part of the Valentine's Day. We have ideas and surprises around the Valentine's 2017th

Where does the Valentine's Day is all about?

Valentine's Day is the day of love - and not just in Germany but in many countries around the world. Flowers, poems, kisses and tokens of love - of February 14 is a special day for lovers. Some consider Valentine's Day for an invention of florists and jewelers - but he is not. As Valentine's Day is created exactly is unclear. But he probably goes back to Christian martyrs like Valentine of Terni and Valentine of Viterbo. Valentine of Terni is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, which is also revered as the patron saint of lovers.

Here you will find many gift ideas, recipes and inspiration for the perfect Valentine's Day with your loved one.